Intuitive Editing Services
I'm an Editor, Truthteller, and Coach with a process to help you live your truth, write your story and empower others. I believe my process is different from anything currently in the market place. 

In terms of the process, I edit differently than most (and frankly, it's not for everyone). 
I learned to be a better writer by being edited by great writers so my editing process is truly designed to help people become better writers over time. 

I use an extensive, old-school "Red Pen Treatment." This means I literally mark-up your copy with a red pen. Through the act of actually making the changes I recommend (and resonate with you) over time, your writing skills will naturally improve as you learn the "rules" and different writing techniques. 

I've proven this time and time again over the last years with writers I've worked with in my corporate jobs and those I've mentored with their blog posts. 

I'm also an empath and I use my intuitive abilities to draw out the writer and read between the lines to increase the depth of the story. When something resonates with me, I literally get goosebumps, so drafts will often have comments on the side that say, "Goosebumps here..." or I'll send a photo of my visceral reaction to your story with a comment saying, "Yes, you're on the right track."

The process is incredibly collaborative. Not only do I receive numerous testimonials on the “Red Pen Treatment” and “Melissa Magic,” I also connect deeply with my clients through their stories and we share deep love for one another. 

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