I believe in partnering with other brilliant, like-minded professionals. I believe in collaboration over competition always. There's no scarcity in my world--ever. Business is abundant and there's enough for everyone. While we may have similar offers, we have our own unique voices and our clients are drawn to us for our unique skill set. 
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Sara Young is an artist, writer, and energy healer who will be embarking on The Summer of Rebellion in June of 2017, traveling to cities all over the US, handing out small LOVE prints and talking to people about self love, community and creating a more compassionate, loving paradigm in the US. You can follow her travels on her website, and if you are interested in her energy healing services, drop her an email. Her prices are incredibly reasonable, as she believes EVERYONE should have access to healing.
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Irreverent. Creative. Humorous. Authentic. Flaming photosexual.

Mark Kaiklian is my branding partner for client work. He does all the graphic design and photography. Together, we are #teambadassery. We pride ourselves on stellar client service and "research" to deliver outstanding results. Here's what our last client had to say about Mark's design work:

"Mark was great to work with! Based on our initial conversation I felt like he totally got me and the direction I wanted to take with my logo. I loved the diversity of his original concepts and I was quickly able to narrow them down to my favorites. He then worked with me through a handful of iterations on color and font to get me a logo that I'm extremely happy with and proud to show off. I'd highly recommend working with him."
Theravive is a network of licensed therapists and psychologists committed to helping people receive the best mental health care available. Through building bridges with others, we continually strive to lower mental health stigma.
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