Empty Nest Resources
Many parents feel lost and lonely when their children leave the nest, but this time can also be liberating.

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My son and I have been a very close team.  It's been the two of us since he was two.  We had a challenging senior year as we were both dealing with pretty severe personal demons.  This is the heartfelt letter I wrote to him before he left.  We cried as he read it and he made me promise it would be the only time we cried about his departure.  We kept the promise — mainly because I wasn't "allowed" to take him to the airport:)
When most people think of college life, they think of young, vibrant teenagers bouncing from class to class between parties, dates and football games.  This article brings light to a different reality for a single mom going back to college later in life.
A practical lesson in managing in your life in such a way that it is not defined by one thing such as an intimate relationship or your children.  This is extremely helpful in the event that an intimate relationship expires and/or your children leave the nest.