Definition of Individuation:
1. the act of individuating.
2. state of being individuated; individual existence; individuality.
3. Philosophy. the determination or contraction of a general nature to an individual mode of existence; development of the individual from the general.

Even in business, there are so many copycats. Everyone is trying to be like everyone else. I think people are afraid to be their own person. 
What if no one likes what I have to say? 
What if I'm no longer accepted? 
What if people talk about me? 
What if people say bad things about me?
What if I lose friends? 
What if I lose family members? 
What if I lose followers? 
What if I lose my job? 
What if I lose money?

All of those things happened to me.

I survived.

For me, the more important questions are:

What if living and swallowing my truth is detrimental to my mental and physical health? 
What if my heart is no longer aligned with this purpose? 
What if creativity makes me come alive? 
What if writing my story helps me gain perspective?
What if telling my story heals my past? 
What if sharing my story supports and empowers others? 
What if there is a bigger picture at play? 
What if it's not about me or you at all?

What questions do you need to ask yourself?

Are you listening to your heart? 
Are you living in alignment? 
Whose truth are you aligned with? 
Is it your truth or one you inherited?

Introducing my Signature Writing Course:
Live Your Truth—Write Your Story—Empower Others
I believe we each have an untold story within us—maybe multiple stories. When we connect with who we truly are, and drop the scripts others have given us, we begin LIVING. Anything before this point was simply going through the motions. Living and going through the motions are two totally different things.

When we tell our story from an authentic place, two things happen for us personally. First, we validate our own experience; and second, we begin the healing process. If we choose to publish our story, we validate the experiences for others as they relate to our stories, and we support and empower them in the process.

Many are afraid to tell their story because their story isn’t so “pretty.” Guess what? Most everyone can relate to dark stories. Who among us hasn’t had an ugly past in one way or another? 

That’s the beauty of stories. They connect people. We aren’t meant to heal alone. We get better in community with one another. We get better when we reach out and ask for help. We feel better when we help others—when we take the focus off ourselves and put it on lifting others up.

This course will lead you through three things:
1.Living Your Truth—what happens when you stop living for other people, figure out who you are and start truly living, FOR YOU.
2.Writing Your Story—how to go about writing the truth of your story to heal your past and MOVE FORWARD.
3.Empower Others—determining the best way to share your truth to EMPOWER OTHERS.
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