• Essentially, a catalyst collides with others and as a result of this collision, a change happens.  

  • The change happens not because of what we KNOW, but because of who we ARE.

  • Catalysts do not fix people, we are detectives and guides to help you flourish in your life.  

  • The focus is not on what’s wrong with you, but what’s right with you.  

  • We are all human and being human can be messy. We embrace the fact that we are not perfect.

  • Self-help is not a topic, IT’S A LIFESTYLE.

  • 50% of personal growth is revelation and 80% is execution.  

  • A catalyst will help you make revelations AND hold you accountable to meet your goals.

  • We’re casual over clinical – always. Please come as you are, we will meet you there.

  • Being transparent with our stories, we will earn your trust and produce chemistry so we can have a relationship and work WITH you instead of AT you.

  • We are authentic and will tell you the truth, reflecting your truth back to you.

  • It’s a new way to change, in a way that doesn’t change who you are.

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